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MC-01At every step in life, we face diverse problems. They may be related to our family, health, education, career and much more. There can be no one who says that I never had a problem. Srimad Bhagwatam [10.14.58] says padam padam yad vipadam which means that at every step in life we face problems. Now how to eradicate our problems is the biggest problem. One thing is sure that we cannot escape the discomfort created because of problems of life. So wiser advice will be to find out the root cause of our problems and try to kill it. And remember, we must help each other by solving each others problems. That makes life smoother. You get dependable and caring friends which youd like to carry along throughout life.##;


Coming back to our math worries, TG and some students have repeatedly suggested me to write a quant corner just like TGs where I can post my (beautiful) solutions to beautiful math problems and discuss some small concepts originated because of continuous problem-solving. So here I am ready with the same. But unlike TGs quant corner, this place is open to discussion as this is best way of learning. At least Ive learnt a lot from the mathematical discussions. So lets start todays mathematical extravaganza.









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