CAT 2010

CAT 2010


If you dream of MBA or IIMs and are preparing for CAT 2010, you have come to the right place. Total Gadha is the leading CAT preparation site for MBA aspirants. This is the best site providing lessons, questions, mock papers and discussion forums for CAT 2010 aspirants. Papers for CAT, GMAT, XAT, FMS and more.
CAT 2010

Before we begin, we would you to know that you can find a lot of information about CAT 2010 on the Official CAT IIM Website.

CAT 2010 Lessons

To begin your CAT 2010 preparation on Total Gadha first go through our Quant Lessons and our Verbal Lessons. We have written these lessons after years of teaching in the CAT coaching Industry and each topic has been covered in detail. After going through our lessons, you can attempt the following CAT 2010 Quizzes to sharpen your skills. Attempting these questions will tell you why Total Gadha is known as the leading CAT coaching in the MBA test industry. Problems have been handpicked and contain some valuable funda. Solve all the problems.

CAT 2010 Forums

If you have any doubts or any quant, verbal or Data interpretation questions that you want solved, you can visit our CAT 2010 Quant Forum or our CAT 2010 Verbal Forum. Our forums are visited by thousands of IIM aspirants and you will find instant solutions to your problems.

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CAT 2010 CBT Club

You can also join our CAT 2010 CBT Club for a grilling CAT preparation at a peanut price of $22.

The Super Exclusive TotalGadha CBT Club

A lot of students were asking us about our plans to handle Computer Based test. Well! honestly even before IIMs announced that CAT would be a CBT from 2009, we had plans to offer something extra to our students from this year onwards. Why? The competition is tough. We want our students to perform the best. So here comes The Super Exclusive TotalGadha CAT CBT Club on TG. Add an extra edge to your CAT preparations with CAT CBT Club. Following are the FAQs about this privileged section.

1) What would you get here?
As a privilege member of this club, you would be getting
a) online sectional tests, full length tests and study material.

b) Interactive lessons and Video lessons. In short, personal tutoring by TG.

c) CopyCats- our national online mocks.
d) intensive solutions to problems that you are unable to solve.
e) exclusive CAT forums targeted towards increasing your performance.
f) personal counselling from TG and Dagny.
g) constant monitoring and guidance.

2. How much is the membership fee and how long is the membership for?
The membership fees is $22 and the membership is valid for six months. If you want to continue after six months you will have to renew your membership.

3. Who can take advantage of this section?
Any CAT 2010 aspirant who doesn't want to leave any stone unturned in his preparation. If you are a serious student who really wants to crack CAT 2009, you really need to be here.

4. How often would you be uploading content in this section?
We would not stop uploading content until we totally exhaust you. So if you don't see loads of questions in first few days, don't panic. We are working on making new content and you would have an access to it very soon.

5. How can I make a payment?
The payment is through Credit Card. You would get an access to the CBT section within minutes of your payment. Rest assured, the payment is through safe mode. If you do not have a credit card, send us a cheque for Rs 1000 in the name of 'LA Edukreation Pvt Ltd.' to 'LA Edukreation Pvt. Ltd., E- 225, First Floor, G.K.- 1, New Delhi- 110048' along with your username and password. We will make the payment in your name with our credit card.

Good Luck!

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